Use Case

Supply Chain Integration Hub

Meet Tim, CIO

Tim is CIO at a warehouse management software company

For his company to grow, Tim needs his SaaS and on-premise solutions to integrate across customers, partners, suppliers and more, anywhere they are.
Photo of a container port
Illustration of connected systems
Scaling the business

With UE Streams the company can have its own real-time integration hub

On-demand and managed connections for all on-premise and SaaS solutions
A network of data pipes he controls streaming his inventory, shipping, & other data in real-time anywhere
Connectors for concurrent stream links to multiple API, app, ERP, customer, & other endpoints
White-label the hub and show a competitive advantage to his customers

Without United Effects

If Tim had not used United Effects, he would likely have used 1-to-1 API integrations to bridge the gap, creating a complex, brittle, and high TCO maintenance headache, eventually spending 12-18 months attempting to build a hub. Either way, his competition wins.

With United Effects

UE Streams sets up in an afternoon and Tim gets to work with simple internal integrations while UE sets up his connectors to partners, ERPS, customers, and more. He starts selling right away and his business rapidly grows.

Does this sound familiar?

Illustration of making the choice for United Effects