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Use Case
A bootstrapped founder needs MFA, password-free, SAML, & more to compete. Is this you?
Use Case
A COO using enterprise auth and data streams to integrate acquisitions. Is this you?
Use Case
A sr. developer has to connect siloed apps for a business intelligence dashboard. Is this you?
Use Case
A product manager who has been asked to monetize her company's data. Is this you?
Use Case
A CTO for an edge tax company that must update tax rules globally every day. Is this you?
Use Case
A CTO at a 20-year successful SaaS that now needs to modernize its tech. Is this you?
Image of various data streaming features that UE Streams provides
Secure Streaming Data Integration
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Real-time, monitored, streaming data with secure on-demand access to connect any web, edge, & IoT system
Identity & API Security
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Enterprise-ready auth built specifically for B2B platforms in a hybrid solution that services B2C with equal ease
Image of various data streaming features that UE Streams provides

United Effects was founded by
integration platform experts

Our founders cut their teeth building solutions to bridge the seams between data, identity, and security to improve UX, drive sales, and create a multiplier effect on business value across EdTech, FinTech, and HealthTech companies.
They spent years looking for an all in-one solution to save millions.
Eventually, they decided to build it.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

We needed B2B basics like MFA, customer SSO, and no-password login. UE Auth had what we needed, and even transitioned us quickly from AWS Cognito. They worked closely with us to make sure our users came first, saving us a lot of dev time at a significant savings over other providers.

Photo of Mark Viglione
Mark Viglione
Founder & CEO, Enigma Networkz
Logo of Enigma Networkz

As an early adopter, we have been using the United Effects UE Auth solution to secure our complex B2B technology for years. The team at UE has not only helped us with auth, but also provided valuable design and technology support. They've made building and scaling our B2B business easier.

Photo of James Latta
James Latta
Founder & President, JML International
Logo of JML International

MeaningSphere needed help organizing our technology, product, & UX for rapid scale out and GTM. UE was able to help through their fractional tech & design leadership, providing strategic technology roadmaps and continued brand, UX, and GM design. They helped us find the right path.

Photo of Lois Reynolds
Lois Reynolds
Executive Leader, MeaningSphere
Logo of MeaningSphere
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