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Focus on your revenue, competition, and features as we connect, enable, and accelerate your products.

Disconnected SaaS products create a drag on sales, engineering, and solution ROI. Core EOS provides a foundation to connect and organize users, customers, and data across your products in one simple, intuitive experience.

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Startup Bootstrap

Startup Bootstrap

Startups creating both B2B and B2C solutions can utilize UE Core to dramatically speed their efforts to implement SSO, Social Login, MFA, B2B customer self-service, customer management, data streaming, and many other features typically reserved for large companies, so they can immediately be competitive and disruptive.

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Cross Sell Enablement

Cross-sell is one of the cornerstones of scaling a software enterprise and one of the first roadblocks companies hit when attempting to create a multiplier effect on the value derived from their siloed products. Core EOS connects and centralizes users, permissions, product data, and more, across all your products and experiences, making your multiple value streams accessible and available to all your customers.

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Platform Experience as a Service

Platform Experience as a Service

Experience is one of the primary drivers of the SaaS industry and recurring revenue. Most platform solutions focus on connecting machines, not people. This leaves you with the difficult task of designing and implementing multi-solution, cross product experiences, before you can use the functionality you’ve already purchased. Core EOS PXaaS is a full, white-labeled, integrated, cross product, platform experience that you can use with our features so you don’t have to create your own in-app screens.

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Design Partner Program

We are very excited to tell you about our Design Partner Program. This is your opportunity to pilot Core EOS, work closely with our team to build an integration, and influence our roadmap to ensure the features that matter to you are coming ASAP, all for free until your integration hits production.

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