M&A Product Integration,
Advisory and technology to support M&A-driven growth through platform and bolt-on deals, addressing tech debt, product integrations, operational inefficiencies, and strategic gaps.
We're a launchpad for your next big leap.
United Effects is an enterprise advisory and SaaS technology company that equips your business with innovative tools and strategies to streamline your M&A-driven growth.
Trusted Investment and M&A Partners
We are proud to partner with the following world-class advisors and firms to couple their core competencies in mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, and investment strategy with our technological expertise.
Securing the technical integration of mergers and acquisitions
Rapid Market Evolution
Beat the competition with the fastest time-to-market. We help you streamline development and rapidly deploy new features, keeping you ahead of industry trends.
Scale with Confidence
From 2-5x ARR, scale effortlessly. Our solutions minimize tech debt, allowing your team to focus on innovations that drive substantial revenue growth.
Seamless Mergers & Acquisitions
Leverage our expertise in integrating complex systems post-M&A. Unify and harness your data across acquired companies to capitalize on new market opportunities.
Data Cohesion
Turn disconnected data into a competitive advantage. We ensure your systems communicate flawlessly, enhancing operational efficiency and customer experiences.
Legacy Transformation
Transform burdensome legacy systems into agile, responsive technology platforms. Our approach reduces refactoring time and costs, propelling your growth trajectory.
We're not here to change the world. We're here to change yours.
Our mission
We ensure that established enterprises are equipped strategically, operationally, and technologically to deliver the customer value needed to achieve their acquisition-driven growth objectives.
Let's unite.