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United Effects LLC was founded in 2019 by Borzou Motlagh with co-founders Chris Betz, Jason Koch, and Josh Smith joining shortly thereafter. This team came together after having worked with each other at a number of other companies over the years with two simple goals: build a place they love to work and build a product that turns the notion of enterprise software on its head. For the former, the team focused on the culture they want to build and the values they shared. Values like servant leadership, putting people first, craftsmanship and pride in the work, drive, and appreciating that even if someone one day leaves United Effects, if we helped them gain the knowledge and skills to grow, this should be a point of pride for us. To achieve the latter, the team has dedicated themselves to bringing Core EOS to market and proving that enterprise technology can be beautiful, intuitive and functional all at the same time. Specifically, Core EOS is a truly integrated, self-contained enterprise operating system experience that empowers developers, business analysts, product managers, data scientists and even executives to work together across a single pane view of a business’ products, customers, and data to innovate and create new opportunities. The team at United Effects have spent years building similar solutions for enterprises over and over again. So they have a saying with United Effects — "One More Time". They are going to build a new vision of these solutions and bring them together in a never before seen user experience that empowers and integrates people as much as it integrates technical investments. And they’re only going to build it One More Time.

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