Use Case

Technology Modernization

Meet Lucy, CTO

Lucy has been CTO of a successful e-commerce SaaS company for 20 years

After 20 years, Lucy’s tech, once cutting edge, is now out of date, full of debt, and difficult to modify without accidental outages. She needs to refactor but can’t risk stopping feature dev to remain competitive. Lucy has to upgrade without pausing revenue or growth.
Digital illustration of puzzle pieces integrating
Illustration of connected systems
Integrate any new technology

With United Effects, Lucy finds a platform that was built to facilitate M&A tech integration.

With consultation from UE, her team maps out her product’s domain model to begin a micro-service migration
Using UE Auth, she ensures that there is a single authority for Identities and API security across all systems
With UE Streams, she ensures that as new micro-services are built, they sync data in real-time with legacy systems
With these foundational solutions, she then creates a playbook to integrate any new technology

Without United Effects

Without United Effects, Lucy has to convince her Executive Board to invest 1-2 years and about $20M to $30M building a platform of tools to allow integration. She must procure vendors, ramp up DIY software infrastructure, and building a team to own the security, dev, and maintenance. Every dollar she spends on this initiative is a dollar negotiated away from feature development and growth. Its going to be a long and expensive road.

With United Effects

There is no magic solution for modernization, but with the help of United Effects, Lucy was able to build a solid strategy, onboard all of the tools necessary, and train her dev teams within a few weeks. UE allows her to balance  feature priorities with the modernization effort, pushing each initiative forward consistently in a compromise that does not excessively burden the business’ revenue or growth.

Does this sound familiar?

Illustration of making the choice for United Effects