Use Case

M&A Technology Integration

Meet Beth, COO

Beth is COO of a fast growing tech company recently acquired by PE

Beth’s company is using PE funds to grow through acquisition. None of the existing and acquired tech was designed to integrate and all are different stacks. Beth has pull this chaos together into a cohesive, scalable strategy.
Digital illustration of puzzle pieces integrating
Illustration of connected systems
Real-time identity and data integration across products

United Effects was founded by tech veterans who cut their teeth building M&A integration platforms:

With UE Auth, they create seamless identity, auth, access, & API security across all products
UE Auth also provides fine-grain permissions and product licensing across all customers
The solution even provides value add features like self-service SSO for customers
With UE Streams, they connect services with real-time stream to sync data across networks
The UE Design team even provides consultation on building a seamless UX across everything

Without United Effects

If Beth had not used United Effects, it would cost between $15M to $20M per year for 2-5 years to build a DIY platform that will enable their needs. Beth’s business would have to find ways to work around the lack of integration until then, slowing sales & growth, while reducing their NPS score. She'd need to explain to the PE firm the potential $100M cost & slow investment ROI.

With United Effects

Beth’s team is up and running with United Effects in a couple months. They quickly begin integrating each acquisition into the platform as capacity allows, while defining a solid M&A onboarding strategy for the company. Beth saves years of effort and millions of dollars.

Does this sound familiar?

Illustration of making the choice for United Effects