Use Case

Completely Free Auth with Every Feature for Startups

Meet Jill, Founder

Jill is bootstrapping her SaaS tech startup in the middle of a recession.

Jill’s B2B startup is up against well-funded competitors. To survive, Jill needs B2B auth, MFA, enterprise SSO, account management, passwordless, social logins, & scalable API security across customers. These options are not cheap and require expensive developers.
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Free Enterprise B2B Auth for Startups

Jill finds UE Auth & realizes that every feature she needs is 100% free for 12 months and 20% off in the second year.

A branded login screen for her product that includes SSO, MFA, Social, and Password-free login options
The ability to centrally map her users (B2C and B2B), customers, and products to ensure correct access at all times
Centrally managed fine-grained permissions that can govern any & all aspects of her solution saving 10%-20% on feature development
Self-service account management AND customer enterprise SSO (OIDC, oAuth, & SAML) screens
Experts who can help her design and implement everything, now affordable with her savings

Without United Effects

Without UE Auth, Jill turns to one of the major players in the IAM space. Their free tier allows for basic login for about 7000 users. The price starts to rise steeply as she integrates enhanced security features like MFA, password-free (WebAuthN), social logins, and enterprise SSO. The solutions does not include self-service screens, administrative dashboards, or fine-grained permissions. Her team still has to build all of that. She’s burning capital & falling behind.

With United Effects

With UE Auth, Jill is able to quickly integrate her product with every feature her users need to feel safe, ensure her product is easy to use with modern password-free options, and all security from users to APIs is cleanly managed in one place. The free tier gives her room to grow her business with up to 5000 B2C and 50 B2B users and no restrictions on their security. She’s able to do this without any infrastructure cost because United Effects understands that her startup’s growth is in everyone’s best interest.

Does this sound familiar?

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