Use Case

Real-time Edge Data Updates

Meet Jen, CTO

Jen is CTO of a globally available Edge tax compliance software company

Jen’s company uses distributed edge tech to deliver extremely fast tax calc which needs region specific data to be accurate. Today, data updates happen monthly and manually. Jen needs to stream updates to all nodes at once, as data is available in real time.
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Update edge nodes globally

With UE Streams, she has a ready to go streaming and queuing solution.

Using the open source Go client, she can quickly modify her Edge nodes for streaming
UE Streams allows her to easily create on-demand connections for each Edge node
Her security team can manage all connections in one place, blocking data to nodes as needed
Her team creates a single input for all data updates, auto-flowing to all edge nodes
Jen’s team builds a fleet of data transform and enrichment services secured by UE Auth to prepare for stream data monetization

Without United Effects

Without UE, Jen will spend time designing a solution, while also identifying the resources, skillsets, and budget required. The work will roughly cost $5M to build and about $2M annually to maintain. She proposes this work to her Executive Board. After debate, funding, and dev time, her solution goes live about 1.5 years later. Her competition uses the time to catch up.

With United Effects

Jen’s developers are onboarded to UE Streams quickly and immediately begin integration work. They modify the edge solution to connect using the open source client. Within 3 months, the solution is live and Jen is moving on to new value add features for her business.

Does this sound familiar?

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