Use Case

Monetize Data-as-a-Service

Meet Jacki, Product Manager

Jacki is a Product Manager for a software enterprise

Her company generates a lot of data. Some customers and local governments have expressed interest in the data, preferably in real time. Jacki must build a solution to monetize the data, but there is no infrastructure setup.
Illustration of data connecting together in an organized way
Illustration of connected systems
On-demand Connections

With UE Streams she can create highly secure on-demand connections to anyone, anywhere

UE Streams lets her create secure connections to specific data for each customers in real time
She can manage those connections and even pause or shut them down if needed
Using the UE APIs, she is able to build custom experiences and integrate her payment gateway
She is able to connect a wide variety of systems using compatible open source client libraries

Without United Effects

Without UE, Jacki would have to write a proposal to hire infrastructure engineers and developers to build secured streaming across networks, a 7 figure budget. Between approvals and dev time, the MVP is about 1 year away. After go-live, she has a large cost to recoup and a high TCO to maintain the solution.

With United Effects

UE Streams saves Jacki about a year of cost and effort. She signs up, sets up secure on-demand connections, tasks her developers with internal integration, and then goes off to start collecting subscription contracts. In less than 2 months she’s opened an entirely new revenue stream.

Does this sound familiar?

Illustration of making the choice for United Effects