Use Case

Bring Together Disconnected Data for BI Insights

Meet Jim, Senior Developer

Jim is a Sr. Developer at a fast growing software company

Jim’s company wants to provide business insights, so now he has to build a secure BI dashboard that is continuously updated in realtime from multiple different data sources.
Image of a dashboard for business intelligence
Illustration of connected systems
Drive your business intelligence visualization

With United Effects, Jim comes up with a way to dramatically speed up this project

With UE Auth, Jim can handle identity and API security for his dashboard
He can even integrate Enterprise SSO, zero-password, WebAuthN, MFA, and more
With UE Streams, he can create on-demand connections to data sources anywhere
He can then stream the data from those sources to a single database to drive his BI visualizations

Without United Effects

Without United Effects, Jim would have two options: he could implement and maintain a web of brittle 1-to-1 API calls, or he could cobble together a secure streaming solution of his own from multiple vendors. Between procurement, spotty support, and infrastructure costs, Jim spends a lot of money and his project is late.

With United Effects

United Effects shortcuts months of work for Jim. With UE Auth, UE Streams, and a little of his dev super powers, he is able to rapidly build a realtime insights dashboard. He even consults with the UE design team to ensure his solution looks amazing.

Does this sound familiar?

Illustration of making the choice for United Effects