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Platform Experience as a Service

Don't buy half a solution.

Experience is one of the primary drivers of the SaaS industry and recurring revenue. Most platform solutions focus on connecting machines, not people. This leaves you with the difficult task of designing and implementing multi-solution, cross product experiences, before you can use the functionality you’ve already purchased. Core EOS PXaaS is a full, white-labeled, integrated, cross product, platform experience that you can use with our features so you don’t have to create your own in-app screens.

Make it YOURS

Brand Core EOS to be an extension of your products and create a complete and seamless platform for your users.

Single Login Between Core and Your Products

Login once into any of your products and that login can be used to access the Core EOS portal.

Branded Adaptive UI & Custom Domain

Make Core EOS one of your products with your logo, background, and a custom domain. The platform will adapt to the permissions of the accessing user.

White-labeled MFA App

Work with our MFA partner Privakey to white-label your own Authentication MFA app, rounding out a branded immersive experience for your users.

Automatic Linking to Products

The Core EOS portal dynamically presents links to products your users have access to within your platform to make navigation easy and the overall UX seamless.

Self Service Screens

Every self-service screen we provide is one less for you to build and that much more funding available for your core features.

Self-service Account Management

From credentials, to profile data, to password reset, to MFA setup instructions, and more, we've got you covered. Users can manage their own data so you can focus on your business.

Self-service Customer Administration

Empower your customers to manage their own data, contact info, security settings, terms of access, and more.

Self-service Customer SSO Configuration

Federated SSO is one of the single most requested features in enterprise software. Core EOS lets your customers set it up on their own without jumping through any hoops.

Self-service Customer User Management

Core EOS lets your customers manage access to the software they purchased while also maintaining profile data on their employees or partners.

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