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Cross Sell Enablement

Your customers want to give you more business so let’s make it easy.

Cross-sell is one of the cornerstones of scaling a software enterprise and one of the first roadblocks companies hit when attempting to create a multiplier effect on the value derived from their siloed products. Core EOS connects and centralizes users, permissions, product data, and more, across all your products and experiences, making your multiple value streams accessible and available to all your customers.

Single Identity Across Solutions

Cross-sell requires that your solutions integrate seamlessly. You will need common login, user, product, customer, role, and permission management. Our competitors offer some of these, but only Core EOS provides a full solution.

Modern Security Across Solutions

Core EOS provides OIDC Login, Federated SSO, MFA, Magic Links, and Machine Authorizations to create a single, cohesive identity and access solution across all of your products.

Centralized User Management

Manage users across the platform or allow customers to admin their own. Empower users to manage their own accounts and data. You focus on the products, Core EOS has the rest.

Centralized Permissions

Don’t force customers to setup permissions multiple times. Centralize roles and permissions by product or by customer. Core EOS lets you create an integration that scales with your business.

Centralized Product & Customer Management

With Core EOS, view your customers, customer users, licensed product details, and more, all in a single-pane view. If you’re a B2B shop, shouldn’t your customers and products be visible in one place?

Integrated Data Between Products (coming soon)

The second requirement of a successful cross-sell strategy is that data move freely between your various products to avoid duplicate user data entry and feed cross solution insights and opportunities.

Stream Data Between Products

Core EOS provides a data streaming platform that allows your products to quickly and easily integrate, so they can share data or access data from any other product in real-time.

Secure Access to Streams

Core EOS makes all data streams secure and accessible to users, employees, and customers using its built-in, fully featured, identity and access management solution.

Share Streams with Partners

Core EOS lets you make data streams accessible to any partner. Create pre-emptive integrations for partnered go-to-market solutions and reveal opportunities for growth.

Visualize Your Data Sources

Our Data Stream Storefront visualizes all the flowing data of your enterprise so you can see where the opportunities and gaps are hiding.

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