Free startup plan

Up to 5,000 B2C users or 50 B2B users. API security features. Unlimited logins and enhanced B2B security. 1 GB real-time data streaming. Shave 6 to 12 months off your roadmap, 100% free for the first year and 20% off in year 2.
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B2B & B2C user management
Identity and API auth
Enterprise SSO
Fine-grain access
Custom domains
and much more...
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On-demand access
Access node management
Stream management
Stream configurations
Developer tools
Observability dashboard
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Realtime data integration is the secret sauce of rapid growth

UE Streams unlocks your data potential by providing a highway of real-time data pipes that can simultaneously bring data to you or push your data out to your customers & partners.

Open-source clients

UE Streams is compatible with dozens of integration clients across multiple stacks like Java, C#, Node.js, Go, and more

Stream dashboard

See all data streams, connections, and consumers in one place. Configure stream limits, retention, and other settings

Developer tools

Publish, query, and delete data on the portal to build and debug your integrations

Managed access

Integrate any technology to only the streams you want with only the access you want and manage access across all connections in one place

Bi-directional data

Create blazing fast data and network topologies that use request / reply patterns to communicate through streams

Configurable Admin Roles

Create custom roles to allow your people to manage UE Streams

OIDC + Oauth2

Fully customize OpenID Connect (OIDC). We are also a full Oauth2.0 provider

Customer self-service

Allow your customers to provision their users and configure their SSO


Create fine-grained permissions, associate them to product-specific roles, and assign those to your users

Enterprise SSO

Leverage SAML, OpenID Connect (OIDC), and Oauth2 for your SSO federation

User self-service

Allow your users to manage their own accounts, credentials, notifications, and more

Auth features

Improve your users' auth experience with social logins, passwordless magic links, biometric MFA, and WebAuthn
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B2B & B2C auth from startup to scale

Whether you're launching a new product or merging multiple acquired products, you're covered right out of the box