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B2B SaaS

The B2B SaaS landscape is highly competitive, regardless of your industry. Being SaaS means there are table stakes features you must have in order to be taken seriously, whether you are a startup or an established player. Features like Identity and Access, scalable architecture, and data share are the difference between a thriving digital-first company rapidly accumulating customers, and a company struggling to stay ahead of a seemingly endless wave of disruptors and cloud native solutions. Add to that the notion of automated, self-service B2B features, and you create a backlog of necessary features that can take years and millions to build.

Digital First and Digital Transformation

If you're struggling to compete with your B2B SaaS peers because organizationally and technologically you are not digital first, it may be time for a Digital Transformation. As you start, you will need to think about how identity is managed across your commercial solutions, but this is just the beginning. Modern Identity is an important part of your DX journey, but not the end. 70% of DX initiatives fall short of their goals. Make sure to pick a solution that gets you across the finish line. To help, United Effects offers three of the most important elements necessary for success: Modern Identity, Data Liquidity, and Transformative Design.

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